Wireless MESH Networks

Standguard can create a highly flexible Mesh Network communication system depending on requirements.

A wireless mesh network is a special type of network using radio nodes which may be fixed or mobile and arranged in a grid or mesh formation to which other types of wireless devices can connect.  Radio nodes can be self-healing and if a radio node fails, communications will be re-routed.  Along with design flexibility, effective mesh networks offer reliable redundancy protection.

Whether we start from initial design or we work with your existing network infrastructure you can rest assured that the right people are taking care of you.

Standguard’s mission is to always be the trusted authority in delivering innovative communication solutions that exceed customer expectations. Contact us today to discuss the options available for creating a wireless mesh network that will meet your specific needs.

Standguard has been providing customized security and communications solutions to clients since 1971. Our team is made up of highly trained professionals that are committed to providing a level of customer service that exceeds expectation.

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