• CCTV

    Standguard specializes in the design and installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems… more


    Access control solutions are ideal for securing your premises and safeguarding your employees… more

  • Security alarms

    Standguard has been providing homes and businesses with security services since 1971… more

  • Industrial aAarms

    We have the expertise and knowledge to design the optimal industrial alarm for your facility… more

  • Perimeter Security

    Our perimeter security systems provide you with a high level of security and safety… more

  • Building Intercom

    Intercom systems provide security and safety for tenants, occupants, and employees by giving them control of access to main entry points… more

  • Data Cabling

    LAs part of our core services we offer our clients network and telephone cabling solutions…  more

  • Wireless MESH Networks

    Standguard can create a highly flexible Mesh Network communication system depending on requirements… more

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