Standguard specializes in the design and installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems. The use of CCTV camera surveillance has grown considerably over the past few years and is used in numerous security applications (i.e.) banks, casinos, airports, parking garages, municipal buildings, law enforcement facilities, crowd control and monitoring in industrial plants etc. The benefit of CCTV systems is that it allows video monitoring and recording from either central or remote locations. Recording may be on digital video recorders, servers or adjustable remote controlled monitored cameras. These cameras can zoom, pan and tilt, etc. to record the visual area being monitored. CCTV systems can also support extra features (i.e.) internet monitoring, facial recognition, motion-sensing or email alerts.

Since 1971, Standguard has been designing and installing security solutions for a wide range of industry segments. Our mission is to always be the trusted authority in delivering innovative security solutions that exceed customer expectations. Contact us today for your free consultation.

 Integrated CCTV systems may include:

  • IP cameras that transmit a video signal over a local network or the internet
  • Camera system networking, allowing multiple sites to contribute video feeds to a central location
  • Combination CCTV, card access and security systems that work together to verify user identity
  • Wireless and/or remotely located security cameras

As a security solution, CCTV can be used for:

  • Crime prevention
  • Healthcare facility surveillance
  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Traffic and crowd control monitoring
  • Passenger vehicle safety and license plate recognition
  • Personnel identification

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