Established 1971, Standguard has been providing and installing fire alarm systems, intruder alarm systems. We also provide alarm system monitoring and elevator phone monitoring. Our locally based, U.L.C certified facility can provide 24 hr. central station monitoring for all types of alarm systems. In the event of an alarm being received, the central station staff will immediately call the Police Department, Fire Department, Ambulance or designated authorities and also notify all pertinent personnel.

Many insurance companies offer reduced rates on insurance premiums when an alarm system is monitored by a certified monitoring station.

  • ULC Certified Fire Alarm Monitoring

    Standguard provides monitoring for ULC certified fire alarm systems… more

  • Cellular Alarm Monitoring

    We work with only the most innovative security technology available… more

  • Analog Phone Line Monitoring

    Standguard has experience in analog phone line monitoring… more

  • Fire Stop

    Standguard install and certify ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) fire stop techniques to meet the Canadian Building code… more

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